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Skiza Tune publishing is a big business in Kenya. Since Safaricom introduced the service many musicians have jumped on the chance of having portions of their songs turned into ringback tones:

But there is a new phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular on the Safaricom Skiza platform – and that is people releasing popular Skiza tunes that have nothing to do with music.

And this is what I want to talk about in this article.

So, what is the nature of these popular tunes that have nothing to do with music?

They are comical. Ah, we seem to love comedy a lot in Kenya. And we have this desire in us to have warm interactions – to have something interesting to share with others. And people are using Skiza tunes to entertain their callers, to have something they can laugh over when they receive a call.

They come in all sorts of languages. On Citizen TV and on the various vernacular radio stations in Kenya, you will see / hear different languages whenever Skiza tunes are advertised.

There are Skiza tunes in English, Kiswahili, Luo, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luhya among other languages. Then there are some that use a mixture of some of the languages I have mentioned. Then there are some tunes using slang / sheng.

Ideas for Skiza tunes

  • Create Skiza Tunes touching on Christianity / the Bible
  • Create Skiza tunes touching on Islam
  • Create Skiza tunes touching on trending topics (and news)
  • Create Skiza tunes touching on our peculiar habits as Kenyans
  • Create Skiza tunes touching on some of the funny antics common amongst mobile phone subscribers in Kenya.

Also you might get inspiration from looking at the items listed on the *811# Skiza Tunes menu. Here are some of the things mentioned in the menu at the moment:

  • Coronavirus awareness
  • Inspiring Bible verses
  • Ramadhan Tunes
  • Islamic Prayer Alert
  • Know your County
  • Greeting Tunes
  • Funny Tunes
  • Sleeping Alert Tunes
  • Sheng Tunes
  • Vernacular
  • My Hustle Tunes

Here are the three things you are going to need help with the most when creating your Skiza Tune

The actual scripting. So, the actual copy, the actual words, that will be used in the tune. There are people who are good with words and are willing to lend a hand for a fee. On Entity.co.ke you can check the Freelance Writers / Content Writers category to find writers you can hire for this.

You want to find someone who is versatile, someone who can mix various languages, stick to one language, create language that is serious in tone or create something funny and catchy.

The audio recording. So, hiring someone who can give a captivating voice to the actual words you get from the freelance writer you hire. If you are lucky you can find someone who can do both – come up with the words and record the audio as well. Place a listing on the site to find somebody who can do this.

Also when hiring a freelancer for this type of work, ask them if they can do audio work as well.

Remember that the final version of the tune can be recorded in a studio, on a smartphone or on a microphone attached to a laptop or desktop computer. As long as the quality is good it doesn’t matter if it is recorded at home on a phone / voice recorder or in a studio in town.

The process of hiring someone to help you make a Skiza Tune on Entity

To get a writer and voice artiste to help you create a Skiza Tune, go to the Entity.co.ke homepage to start your search.

First you want to make ready the following things:

Create a sheet / list with a general idea of what you want to make. What topic do you want your tune to be about? Do you want a serious tone or a relaxed and funny tone? Do you want the tune to be in vernacular or sheng? What is the title you want to give your tune? These are just some questions you can use in the process of coming up with a tune or two.

Money to pay the people you eventually hire. Have a budget ready to pay a writer and a voice over artiste. If you can write the words yourself, just allocate a sum to pay the person who is going to record the audio. If you need the words but can do the audio yourself, you can just hire a writer to come up with content for your tune.

Check the listings on the site – in the writing, audio, video and marketing categories to find someone to outsource work to.

Ask for access to their portfolio. If you like their work (writing or voice), agree on how much you are willing to pay.

After they come up with a script, you can approve it or request revisions before paying the writer.

Do the same for the person who will be recording the audio. Once they complete the work you outsource to them, approve it and pay them. Or request revisions before you pay them.

Then you can take the time and upload it on the Skiza platform, have a code created and start marketing it online and offline.

Some ideas to market your Skiza Tune once it is made and uploaded on the Skiza platform

There is money to be made if you can become prolific at this. If you hire freelancers to help you create new tunes, your odds of creating a popular tune doubles – even triples.

But you can take things further with a little marketing here and there.

Here are some ideas you can use to get more people to subscribe to your tunes.

  • Get your Skiza Tune code and share it on your social media profiles. You see musicians adding their Skiza Tune codes to their social media bios. You might want to do something like that for some of your tunes.
  • Have a YouTube video to accompany your tune. You can use the video to drive traffic to your site and use the description area to provide details on how people can get the audio used in the video as a Skiza Tune on their Safaricom line. You can hire a freelancer to do the animation and graphic works on your video. Or you can just create a captivating video the best way you know how.
  • Advertise your tune. If you have a video and audio version it is easy to promote your tune with ads on YouTube, Google Search, Facebook, or even on the radio, TV and newspapers in Kenya.

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