When you have one freelance client then get a second one

They say getting the first client when you start freelancing online can be quite a challenge.

But when you work hard and do get them, another challenge that will be waiting for you is this: getting a second client.

Having worked with multiple clients (writing articles for them mostly), there are a few things I have learnt over time.

In this post, I share them with you. I give you tips – some pointers – that you yourself can use to go from having just one client to bringing in someone new – your client number two.

What can help you quickly get that second client

Narrow your niche

In whatever area you are providing a service online, your chances of going from having just one client to two clients, will be much higher if you just concentrate in one area. For example, when I started offering my article writing services online, I mainly approached:

  • clients that sold products and services in the WordPress niche
  • clients that had blogs about blogging
  • clients that were doing something in the internet marketing space
  • clients that were helping people build their own platforms online

So, I was looking for work from one niche. I spent most of time just reaching out to people in the blogging / WordPress niche.

So, go in the same pool. Go after potential clients in one segment of the market / niche / industry. Go in an area that you know best; an area that you understand well. And get your second client from that pool.

Keep adding to your portfolio

If you are a freelance writer like I am for example and you only have two or three articles to show to potential clients when you are reaching out to them to help them gauge if they would like to work with you, make sure you keep adding more quality material / resources in your portfolio.

Here are some ideas you can use if you are a writer for hire:

  • Publish new tutorials or product review posts and publish them to your blog or on Google Docs
  • You can swap out old articles for new ones. And replace the URLs in your email templates with links to your new material
  • Write guest posts on other blogs and mention some of your guest contributions in your portfolio

Generally, you just want to create a first great impression.

Find similar businesses / websites

Once you get your first client, you can just look for similar businesses online and reach out to them. So, you might want to try:

Using Google Search to find websites and blogs targeting the same keyword as the ones targeted by your first client. Or you can just check some of their popular / epic posts, and copy & paste their titles on Google Search to find other sites publishing the same content (after the same audience)

Going to business directories. To get phone number, so you can cold call a few potential clients. Or to just grab emails you can use to reach out to small business owners in hour niche.

Using competition analysis tools to see who else out there you might want to reach out to. These tools usually bring out some obscure results – and you never know. The people behind these businesses, some of them, could become your clients if you tailor your pitch to the specific problems they are experiencing. You can use SmallSEOTools, Ahrefs, KWFinder, BuzzSumo and similar tools to find people to email.

Keep persisting even in the face of rejection

This one is easy to do.

When someone doesn’t reply to your message, or says no, or says maybe, you just go out there and find more people to pitch.

You don’t have to quit, to give up, to enter a state of paralysis just because you are getting negative responses from the people you reach out to.

Take the opportunity to learn from all your interactions, spruce up your copy (or email template you are using) and go talk to other people. See if they would be interested in working with you. If you do this for weeks / months, you will get your second client and then more will follow.

Just double or triple the number of people you reach out to

So, if you are sending out 20 emails per day, send 40 to 60 per day.

If you are bidding on 5 different jobs per day, bid on 5 or 10 more.

If you are making calls to 10 local businesses pee day to see if they would be interested in working with you, reach out to 20 – 30 businesses.


You just mine for more contact information and then you reach out to those contacts.

  • You can use Google Search
  • See who the top blogs in your niche link to (or who comes to the sites to / comment / share their content on social media)
  • Check suggestions for similar businesses / websites / blogs on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Follow the links left by experts in your niche answering questions on Q&A sites like Quora or sites like Reddit.
  • Find authors who also run their own blogs. You can check sample pages of various Kindle books (in your niche) on Amazon. Or just go to Goodreads.

Your goal when you land your first and second client

Is to try to get repeat work or quickly move on.

If you email someone and they seem not interested, move on.

If your first client only had that one project and then promise to let you know if they have something else they want to outsource, don’t just sit and wait.

Go on a cold pitching / bidding spree to replace these clients.

If they come back later with more work, good.

If not, at least you will be busy working your way to getting somebody else to outsource work to you.

While you are busy, looking for that second client, make sure you also place your ad listing on Entity Marketplace.

Pick a category. Place your ad. Because it is free and two, you never know who might see your ad and decide to call on you to help them with their project.

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