Why Kenyan bloggers should hire freelancers online on Entity

In an article I wrote awhile back, I urged bloggers offering services to customers to also list those very services on Entity as a way to increase how much they earn monthly. But I also realized that some bloggers, not necessarily offering services, could benefit from the services offered by online freelancers in a variety of categories.

So, in this post, I show you why I think Kenyan bloggers should hire freelancers online on Entity. At the end of the post, I also list some of the tasks bloggers can outsource online to freelancers.

Why should bloggers hire freelancers online

Whenever I go online in some of the Facebook groups I have joined I sometimes see lots and lots of questions from bloggers just starting out to those who are months / years into blogging.

I sometimes see beginners ask about SSL certificates, choosing the right hosting company, finding the right plugin to add a certain feature to their website, how to customize their theme or site layouts using page builders, how to integrate social buttons – generally things that can help them take their blog to a place where they feel it is complete.

So, I think that instead of someone spending a lot of time trying to launch their own blog, they can usually get help with all these new things that frustrate people new to using popular content management systems such as WordPress self-hosted.

Using a freelancer to get their blog set up the right way can help them skip all / most of the frustrations new beginners go through – and they can then use their excitement to work on other things that will yield much better results for them later down the road, like creating content (for their blog and email lists).

Sometimes I also see people frustrated with things such as how to switch hosting companies, integrate other services to their sites and generally to find more ways to automate various processes on their site (such as email sales funnels / opt-in boxes).

And when I read through some of these posts, sometimes I find that a person might have probably spent several hours / days on things someone skilled would do in mere minutes.

Then there is also the issue of getting traffic and converting traffic. You find, most bloggers spend way more time trying to figure out how to quickly move their blogs forward because they don’t want to (or don’t know that they can) spend some money to get help.

They just don’t realize sometimes how paying just a small fee for a quick site audit can help them get new ideas for posts, products and services.

So, I think that bloggers should hire freelancers when:

  • They want to save time and avoid frustration. If a blogger has something that is stopping them from concentrating on two things (getting traffic and converting that traffic), they can get rely on freelancers to avoid getting sidetracked with these other little things that sit outside of the two things I have mentioned.
  • Have another set of eyes to look at the things they are working on. There is nothing as powerful as having someone knowledgeable on your side to help you figure out things (via live chat, phone call or email) whenever you are stuck. It helps bloggers keep their motivation on the up and up increase their chances of sticking with their blog for the long haul (where the rewards usually are).

What can bloggers outsource to freelancers online

Setting up WordPress. If you are launching a new blog, you can save yourself a lot of time by hiring someone who has a lot of experience working on WordPress projects. If it takes you a week to completely launch and announce your blog to the public, you can find a freelancer that can help you cut that time in half.

WordPress fixes. If you experience internal server errors, plugin conflicts, theme related errors or just pressed something and you messed your site, you can hire someone to help you restore things back to the way they were. If your site is jacked or infected by malware, you can also hire someone to fix it.

Content writing. You can hire freelance writers to write blog posts, product reviews, tutorials and much more. If you run a multi-author blog or just need content with your solo blog, there are many writers on Entity that can help you come up with quality posts on almost any topic.

Link building. If you want to rank your blog posts and pages highly on search engine results pages, you can hire somebody to help you with your outreach campaign. You can also hire somebody to write guests posts that you can then submit to other high authority websites.

Lead magnet creation. If you are using email.marketing to gather contact information from readers coming to your blog, you can hire freelancers to help you create content you use on your blog to entice people to sign up your email lists.

The lead magnets can be simple PDF files, free video series, a plugin / extension, free 5-day online course or just a free sample of your book / ebook if you are an author.

The freelancers can also help you create landing pages for the lead magnets, create email sign up forms using a lead generation plugin installed on your site or link to the lead magnet from some of your blog posts.

Graphics design. Bloggers can also hire freelancers online to create banners, graphics for Pinterest, ebook covers, logos for their blogs, images for their merchandise or custom images to be used as features images on blog posts & also on social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

Shopping cart integration. Bloggers can also hire freelancers to add an online shop component to their sites (on the main directory, in a subfolder or subdomain). This can be done with free plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and others. Then blogger can use their store to sell ebooks, online courses, services, coaching / consulting or even physical products.

Content repurposing. So, for example turning a YouTube video into a text blog post or vice versa. Or using the stats in a blog post to create an infographic or vice versa.

Audio transcription. If a blogger has their own podcast, they can hire freelance transcriptionists to create text versions of their audio files.

Incorporation. Bloggers can also hire freelancers to help them register their online business / blog as a limited company in Kenya.

For other things freelancers can help you with, check the categories on Entity.co.ke homepage.

The process of hiring a freelancer on Entity

To hire somebody for some of the things I have listed above, just browse the ad listings posted in the various categories on Entity.

For example if you need help with site migration, check the Website / Blog Setup & Migration category.

If you need help with your taxes, check the accounting / bookkeeping and KRA / Taxes categories.

If you just want an assistant to help with admin matters and customer support, check the Virtual Assistants category.

Reply to an ad and when a freelancer messages you, tell them more about what you are looking for. If they can help you, agree on how much to pay them.

If you don’t find something specific to your needs, place your own ad on Entity for free and let freelancers willing to help message you.

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