Hiring freelancers as an agency owner on Entity Kenya marketplace

Clients often expect a lot from agencies they work with. Once they pay for a product, a plan, a package or subscription, they will want nothing less than excellent service. But there are times when the provider isn’t capable of offering service to the level expected by their customers.

And that’s why I have decided to talk about how hiring freelancers as an agency owner on Entity Marketplace can help you keep your promise to your clients during tough times.

You don’t have to feel bogged down when your current staff cannot deliver on their goals. You don’t have to feel anxious when the number of clients coming in starts doubling or tripling.

You can rest easy knowing that when things are not working that great in-house, you can turn to marketplaces like Entity.co.ke to find competent contractors that can help you supply the needs of the people who pay for your services.

Why would an agency owner want to hire online freelancers

To meet client demand during peak season, when business is booming. If you run an agency with 10 to 30 people and suddenly you get demand that can only be handled by at least 40 people, you can do everybody a favour by turning to freelancers to help you meet the extra demand.

Your team will be less anxious, keep their productivity on a level that results in work that doesn’t look rushed. And when the quality of your service doesn’t suffer, your clients will keep paying. The extra money coming in will help you buy more time to figure out if:

  • You need to hire more people full-time
  • The current demand you are seeing is just seasonal and to prepare for such seasons every year

To get things up and running. When you are just starting out as an agency owner, you may not have the time to hire full-time staff right away. But what are you to do when people start coming through the door and you can’t handle all the work coming in by yourself? That is when you turn to online freelancers for help.

You can just get temporary hires to help you during the first few months while you figure out what to do next. This is particularly important to all the people I see online taking courses on how to start their own niche agencies. As you start, you may handle all the work alone. But when more work starts coming in, you can hire one or two freelancers to help you with the workload.

To find persons that can be transitioned from contractors to full-time employment. What better way to fill vacant positions in your agency than to hire a freelancer who is already experienced in the field you are looking to hire someone in? I think most agencies are lucky because if they pay well, they can just go into any freelance marketplace to find freelancers who would be willing to accept a job within their organization.

There are many freelancers who are willing to go into full-time employment, only problem is that sometimes the people who want to hire them full-time don’t want to pay well – to pay basic minimum wage at least. So, if you are willing to do what most don’t want to do, you can easily hire a freelancer and nurture them – and help them transition into full-time employment.

What kind of agency should hire freelancers and for what

Content writing agencies

So, any agency that clients go to to get content. If you run an agency that sells monthly and one-off content writing packages, you can usually turn to online freelancers if you want to get more blog posts, product review posts, product descriptions, lead magnets, manuals, whitepapers, pillar content, ebooks and PDF guides for your clients.

Agencies in the content writing space usually take work on any topic and charge per word (or per 100 – 500 words). So if your agency does similar things, freelancers on Entity’s Freelance Writers / Content Creators category can help you with some of the content writing work clients outsource to you.

SEO agencies

So, any agency that exists to help clients rank their webpages, blogs and websites rank high on search engines like Google Search, YouTube and Bing.

You can hire freelancers to help you with the outreach assignments you get from your clients. Or hire freelancers to help you some of the content (guest posts) that you will use to get them links from other websites.

So, if you can’t send out more than 50 to 100 personalized emails a day looking for links for your clients, you can hire a freelancer on Entity, give them a basic template and let them help you scale the number of people you reach in a day / week / month on behalf of your clients.

If you can do the outreach yourself but need someone to write the guest posts you will send to the websites that say yes to your article suggestions, you can also do that as well.

Check the Outreach, Link Building & SEO category to find someone to help you help your clients get links from websites and blogs with varying domain authority scores.

For writers, check the Freelance Writers category.

General marketing agency handling marketing work for clients online and offline

These agencies usually can turn to freelancers for most online stuff – tasks such as creating and managing ad campaigns, doing web design work, writing, developing app versions for clients’ sites, PR, social media work, voice over work for radio shows, animation work for TV, video and audio work for commercials and the like.

To hire freelancers in these areas, check the Ad Management category, Audio / Podcast category, Video Production & Editing category, Social Media Marketing category, Coding, Programming & App Dev category and the Freelance Writers category on Entity.co.ke homepage.

Digital marketing agencies

So, anyone that runs an agency that helps clients with their online marketing needs. If you own it head a digital agency, there are two top things that you can outsource to freelancers any time there is an increase in demand for your services (when your staff cannot meet the demand). Those two things are content writing and link building.

Other things you can get freelancers to help you with include managing PPC ad campaigns for clients (on Google Ads or Facebook), handling clients’ emails marketing needs, copywriting, web design, code customization, search engine optimization, and some of the other tasks I have already listed in this article.

So, check the various categories I have listed above. And if you don’t find something you need, just place an ad on Entity for free with details about what you need help with.

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