How to hire a virtual assistant in Kenya (step-by-step process)

How do you boost your productivity and get more done as an internet marketer, blogger, online business owner or small business owner? There are several ways to do it.

One of the popular advice you will get is to get someone to help you handle all the little tasks that you don’t have to do yourself in order to move your business forward – to get a VA.

In this article I am going to show you how to hire a virtual assistant in Kenya.

Why hire a VA + tasks you can outsource to virtual assistants

Say, I am running an online business or two operating in different niches selling different products and services there is a lot a VA can help me do.

First, to determine how I will create a position for a VA with enough tasks for them to do weekly, I will create a list about some of the core things I don’t want to outsource now, then see what is left and then I will come up with a list of tasks I can outsource to a virtual assistant I hire.

For example, I like doing keyword research, doing competition analysis, doing quick online research on Google to see what similar businesses do, coming up with article ideas, writing blog posts, creating lead magnets, creating ebooks, coming up with freelance services and creating content for my email list.

These are things I don’t want to outsource to a VA now. So, what can I then hire a VA for?
As much as I love working on my sites there are just some things I don’t like doing that much.

For example:

Taking blog posts I have written from a text file or MS Word document and uploading them to the WordPress editor, searching for featured images on Pixabay / Flickr / Pexels, adding the SEO description, coming up with a slug for the posts, adding internal links to relevant posts and pages on my sites, adding H2s & H3s and scheduling posts.

These are just some things I can outsource to a VA. Anyone who runs a blog can too.

Then once an article is published there are some other things I don’t have to do – things that a VA can help me with like making sure posts are indexed on Google Search Console (and requesting indexing if a post is not on Google Index), doing the initial round of promotion (sharing posts to various social media accounts, pages and groups – owned by me and other parties).

These are just tasks related to just putting out a blog post.

Then there is outreach. I can create a template / email to be used for outreach, but doing the mind-numbing work of sending a variation of that email to various blogs and websites asking for links I would rather leave that to a VA while I focus on writing my next article or creating a video on YouTube to accompany my blog post.

And yes, u would rather a VA grab the video embed code, come back to WordPress Posts area, click Edit on the relevant post, add the embed code / link and Update the post. This too, I’d rather not do.

For my existing products and services, I would rather a VA help customers when they are stuck before or after paying for something. For example, if someone pays for an ebook and need help with apps they can use to open it, I would rather a VA respond to such emails while I concentrate on other things.

If someone wants a refund, that too a VA can handle. Anything customer support related that don’t really need an answer from me, I’d rather outsource to a VA.

For new products and services, I would rather work on creating the product a d the copy, the price, the graphics and then leave all the uploading work to a VA. So, the VA can take a PDF for a paid guide / ebook I have created and upload to WordPress via the Media Library section.

Then they can Add a New product page via WooCommerce and just copy paste the content I created for that product in the product description area.

If there is a variation to be added (different pricing for the same product), they can add these themselves using the different pricing I give them. Then they can add the product image, fill the SEO title and description fields, add the ebook’s / guide’s exact URL to the product page and click Publish – or leave it as Draft so I can review everything before the page is published to the internet.

For emails, I would write the copy and then let the VA add it as a campaign (and schedule it) or use it to create a new email sequences in my email marketing software.

The VA can also help me man my live chat tool (once enough data has been gathered) by answering questions from prospects and current clients.

So, these are just some of the things that can be outsourced to VAs. And the big reason to outsource these tasks is so that a person, a business owner, can just focus more on tasks that push their business forward in a big way:

  • creating new products and services and promoting them
  • updating existing products and services

Anything that is not related to these two things, you can find a way to outsource to virtual assistants.

How to hire a virtual assistant on Entity

Once you figure out the tasks you want to outsource to a VA, go to Classifieds.

Click on the category named Virtual Assistant Services.

Browse the ad listings in that category and click on the listings you like.

Read through them to find out if the freelancer / VA who has posted it would be a good fit. Do this with all the other ad listings you like.

Then use the Reply option on the ads to message the VAs telling them you would be interested in getting help from them with the tasks you want to outsource. Give them a list of those tasks.

In your email exchanges, ask them about their experience and examples of some of the projects they have worked on before.

Talk about how many hours you will need them per week or per month.

Then just give them the first task to see how they perform. And pay them. Then a second one. And pay them when the task is complete. And then just keep sending more work their way.

It pays to have some tutorials (text with images or videos) that they can rely on to understand how you want some things done. So have these created.

For example, if you will want them to create new products in your online shop, you can just take a a video of your screen while you are doing a similar task and use it as part of the resources you give to new VAs you hire.

Training is part of having a VA that does well with the tasks you outsource to them. So, for all the tasks you want to outsource to a VA, make sure you have a tutorial that the VA can use to learn how you want things done. For some tasks, this is not a must. So, only create tutorials for your VA when it makes sense.

Use tools like Zoom, Skype, Snagit, Camtasia and YouTube to share specific instructions for some of the tasks you want to outsource to your VA. And give them time to grow with you.

They, just like you, might not get something right the first time, but as long as you are supportive of their efforts, they will quickly learn ‘your way of doing things’ and will flourish at the job you hire them for without any handholding from you.

Do note that if you don’t find something you are looking for on Entity, you can just place your ad for free with details about what you need help with.

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