Hire freelancers in Kenya for your apps on Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Do you have an app or are you in the process of developing one? Is getting in the business of owning / publishing mobile apps something that appeals to you?

Or are you just a website / blog owner / online shop owner that would be interested in having a mobile app version of their site on app stores such as Google Play Store (for Google Android device), Apple App Store (for Apple iOS devices) or Microsoft App Store (for devices running on the Windows operating system)?

If you already have an idea of what you want to be turned into an app, you will likely be faced with three choices:

  • to write the code for the app yourself
  • to use your in-house programmer / developer to create the app
  • to hire a development boutique or agency to help you create and launch your app

Since some people interested in launching their own apps may not have the technical know-how, have a programmer (employed in their firm) or be able to afford the fees of the many outfits targeting the market for people interested in creating their own apps, they are only left with one choice: to find a freelancer of their own who can help them turn their idea into a functional app.

That is where Entity.co.ke comes in. There is a category dedicated to helping you find freelancers that can help you turn your app idea into something tangible – something real – that people can download, install and use on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, smartwatches or smart TVs.

If you have a good enough budget, check the ad listings in the category to find developers here in Kenya that you can hire to create your app for you.

Here is just a list of some of the things freelancers can help you with if you are interested in creating your own mobile app

App development. Hire app developers to take you from idea to a functional app. Find developers that can help you create apps for any of the app stores I have already mentioned above.

Some will be adept at creating apps just targeted at one or two stores. But you will also find some that are proficient at creating apps for all the stores mentioned above.

Content writing. Hire writers to create landing pages and sales pages for your app.

Hire copywriters that can help you with the words that will be used inside your app (dialogue boxes, instructions to users etc.).

Hire writers to create the words that will go in your app’s about section. Or writers that will help you create content you can use to promote your app on other websites.

Launch a website and blog for your app. Hire freelancers to launch a WordPress blog just for your app. You can then drive traffic to the site – and give users options to download your app from any of the app stores I have listed. You can also link to this site from many other places once it is up and running.

So, you can add links back to your site from (within the app itself, the page dedicated to your app on each store, your social media pages, your guest posts, QR codes, your outreach emails, podcast interviews, YouTube video description sections among other places).

Sales and marketing. Hire marketers to help you promote your free or paid app. If you do create a free app, you will need people to help you reach out to the right people (the people your app can help the most) to increase downloads.

If you create a paid app, the freelance marketers you hire will help you get your app in front of the people that don’t see a big deal paying $0.99 to $2.99 (or more) for it.

So, these are people that can help you get your app mentioned in niche publications, come up with strategies to get influencers to talk about your app (on their sites, channels, podcasts or social media platforms).

Testing. Hire testers. So, once the app is developed and you are looking for feedback, you can get an initial group of testers from Entity. So, people good with visuals, copywriting and user experience – and then you can decide what necessary changes you have to introduce in your app to make it more appealing.

Driving traffic to your app and increasing app download / installation numbers with paid ads. So, getting people that can create and manage ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook Ads / Google Ads for you.

Ad managers can help you scale your download numbers while watching for the amount you spend on advertising (only keeping campaigns that bring in the best ROI – return on investment running).

Nowadays, you see ads for apps when you use Google Search on devices running on the Android platform (smartphones, tablets etc.). You can get someone to help you determine which keywords / search terms to target (inside Google Ads) if you want your app to be marketed to Google searchers as well.

If you want help with Facebook advertising, there is already an option targeted at just app owners (to help them drive traffic to their apps and increase the number of people installing them).

Go to the Ad Management category on Entity to hire freelancers to help you take advantage of paid advertisement to grow your app.

Optimizing ad revenue. With in-app purchases or display ads from the Google network via AdMob. Find someone that can help you come up with a good strategy to maximize revenue from your app especially if you make it available for free to users.

Check the various categories on Entity.co.ke to hire somebody.

You can then share the ideas you gather with your developer.

Creating video tutorials for your app. One of the best ways to increase adoption of your app is the use of video to showcase its features and benefits to potential users.

Once they download your app, having some videos ready to help them when they are stuck can also help along in ensuring they keep your app on their device (because what is the point of having them install your app, use it for awhile and when they are stuck and can’t find help just decide to bin it / delete it?).

So, as you work on getting a developer, also start thinking of some other things to go along with your app when you launch. Video tutorials for example.

To outsource video creation work, check the Video Creation, Editing and Promotion category on Entity.

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