Hire fiction writers to write plays, poems & short stories in Kenya

From a young age, we have all enjoyed the labour of fiction writers through various mediums like books.
As children, we had children stories. Little books with plenty of illustrations we couldn’t keep down.
Then as we progressed, plenty of books targeted at young adults came to our attention.

In high school, there were all these anthologies, poetry collections, plays and set books (novels) that we had to consume and get tested on every term.

Then as we grew older and started making money a whole new world was opened to us. Most people came to the realization that they could buy whatever they want, books they wanted.

And then the internet came and access to literature was taken to newer heights with ebook readers and apps making it so easy to just buy, download and start reading a book on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

And now the fiction segment of the book publishing industry is even bigger. There are many more people on the planet buying books and there are new books / ebooks being written and published every day.
Which tells you that there is a huge demand for books – good books. Really well written books.

So, if you are interested in advancing literature in this area (fiction) or are just interested in the business side of things (publishing) and making a profit (or even if you like both) I am here to tell you that you can get help. You can hire writers on Entity to help you come up with good content for anthologies, plays, novels and more.

And you can get help whether you are:

  • a publisher (looking for great works of literature you can add to your existing catalogue),
  • an organization (looking for content for their publication – so paying writers to gain access to content you can add to your magazine) or
  • an individual (just looking for content they can add to their work – for example poems you can add to the novel you are working on).

Are fiction writers willing to be paid to write for freelance clients?

Yes, as long you can assert their rights, most fiction writers are okay contributing content to your publication.

There are also some who don’t really care much about their rights – just that they can be paid well.

But there are people who hire fiction freelance writers and then pays them:

  • to have the work created
  • to gain access to said work
  • to profit from it without excluding the writer from enjoying benefits like being able to receive royalties from their work.

So, when hiring, talk to the writer you find and see which kind of arrangement would work well for both of you.

  • are you going to want to pay them upfront then give them nothing from there on wards?
  • or are you going to pay them to have the work created then bring them in on the action (a fraction of the monies you make paid to them as royalties) once you start profiting from the work?

Definitely talk to the writer you eventually hire. Don’t skip this.

Hire fiction writers online to:

Contribute content to your blog. If you run a blog that publishes fictional content, instead of just trying to create all the content on your blog (say if you are monetizing the site with display ads and affiliate links) you can hire others to help you write short stories, plays and poems.

So, they can maintain the right to the work they create while giving you access to an asset (in exchange for the fee you pay to have the content created) you can use to:

  • draw more people to your blog
  • make money (with ads and affiliate programs)

So, an agreement you may have for example is one where they are not allowed to publish that same piece of content on their blog / other websites while still maintaining their rights to use their work as they please – by publishing it and using it offline for example.

Contribute content to your magazine. If you run a magazine publishing short stories, plays and poems instead of wondering where you will get content for your next issue, you can just stop – and start looking for fiction writers willing to contribute top notch content at a fee.

Contribute content to your text book. For example getting someone to write a poem you can use in your English or Swahili textbook.

Create a guide book. The guide book could be just for you or one that you later on decide to sell and make money off. If you are a lecturer, professor, teacher, student, tutor or book publisher, this might be of interest to you.

Contribute content for an event: book launches, poetry events, meetups and the like.

Contribute content to an anthology. For example if you want to publish a short story collection from different writers, you can find good content when you look for writers online willing to work with you for a fee.

Other things you can hire fiction writers to do for you?

You can hire fiction writers to:

Help you finish a novel. If you are one or two chapters from completion, you can get help with those remaining chapters and get your book to an editor before taking it to the market.

Edit your manuscript / typescript. So, you can hire someone to review and correct inconsistencies in your work.

Help you market your book. If you find someone who is self-published (or anyone who has worked with a traditional publisher before), they will in most cases have ideas and strategies you can use to get your book in more hands. Hire them to help you market your book.

The process of hiring a fiction writer on Entity

First, you will have to ask yourself this question: What do I need help with?

Take a piece of paper and answer that question or just type your answer in your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The aim here is to come up with a detailed answer to the question.

Next, go to the Freelancer Writers / Content Creators category.

Browse the ad listings.

Narrow in on one or two writers that you think can deliver on the task you want to outsource.

Reply to their listings.

When they message you back, go into detail about what you are looking for.

If they can deliver, agree on how much to pay them.

Agree on a deadline. And then let them do the work. You can pay them half the money upfront.

Once they are done and send back the work to you, pay them the full amount you agreed on.

If you need some changes to be made, just be cordial and ask. Once the revisions you request have been made, pay them.

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